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I am facing a problem with processing some frontal facial images.

I need to adjust the centers of the eyes (irises) to be at certain specific pixels in the image. In other words, i need to transform the image until the centers of the eyes are at specific pixels.

Can anyone help me with this problem, an algorithm, technique, ...etc. that might solve this problem ?


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Assuming you can find the centers of the eyes...

  1. Rotate - Find the difference of the angle between the actual eyes and your desired angle. Rotate image accordingly.
  2. Scale - Find the distance between eyes. Scale according to the desired distance.
  3. Translate - Move the image so that one eye lines up. If you've rotated and scaled properly, both should now be in the desired spot.
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You can apply homographic transformation to the image, the homography matrix can be estimated using the known positions of the points.

You can use OpenCV for quick implementation.

You can read this paper for your further reference:

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