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Can any body help me for new idea in AI (artificial intelligence) I can implemented in master thesis ?

For example AI with Networks ? AI with Email System AI with GIS

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am very much in favor of some kind of site tht could collect proposed masters & Phd projects in CS, such a query is fairly common, but unf almost nothing comes close, and these questions are typically rejected on stackexchange sites as not specific enough etc. the best option is usually to check with your own advisors/profs. –  vzn Dec 1 '12 at 21:50

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This question perhaps should be migrated to somewhere else. But, the best thing to do is to ask your supervisor. Mature researchers always have a bunch of ideas. It is better to work on something they know about !

In general, what you can do is to study a problem with many parameters to optimize, and then use AI techniques to solve it.

Check the proceedings of some conferences - such as INFOCOM, ICC, or GLOBECOM. There are many other AI conferences (Canadian AI I heard is good - it s not quite my domain). They usually always have the hottest topics.

One of the hottest topics in AI right now are: recommendations systems, and extracting information from social media (NLP). I know google.com, youtube, amazon are all working on these domains. Check privacy related problems (quite a hot topic). I remember there are some data mining techniques that takes privacy into consideration. HEALTH systems also: These are booming.

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