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I'm an autodidact who works best with a mix of theory and implementation examples. I'm having a hard time finding resources on implementing algorithms and data structures in Python (2.7-3.X preferably). I found a text ...mastering basic algorithms in the python language but I find it to be far too introductory and thus cluttered with unnecessary prose, which makes it for me difficult to move efficiently over it. What I have in mind is a text or github gist or whatever really, that has some coded python imps of what I've determined to be foundational data-structures in algorithmic's(not to sure on the usage/conjugation of that). Specifically I'm looking for trees, traversal, dynamic and greedy algorithms and the like. If this question is a repeat, or adequately answered elsewhere, links are adequate replies.

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David Eppstein has a bunch of algorithms implemented in Python in his PADS repository.

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