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I'm Microsoft MVP (formerly C#, now F#) and a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. I wrote a book about functional programming (with Jon Skeet) called Real-world Functional Programming which explains functional concepts and F# and I contributed to the development of F# as an intern and a contractor. I'm one of the founding members of the F# Software Foundation.

Together with F# architect Phil Trelford, I lead functional programming courses for C# developers in London and New York:

  • Fast Track to F# teaches functional concepts in F# and shows how to use F# in the real world - for domain modeling, concurrent and asynchronous programming and data access and visualization

We can also offer private in-house trainings or custom trainings focused on a wide range of topics including domain specific languages (DSLs), concurrency and functional concepts in F# and C#. Contact me at tomas@tomasp.net for more information!

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