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Computer Scientist, AI Enthusiast

6th algorithm gold badge holder.

For a variety of reasons, I'm abandoning my Stack Overflow / Exchange account - I'll probably check in occasionally to tend to notifications.

Generally pretty chill and friendly, though sometimes misunderstood

Free online courses! Online CS Masters from Georgia Tech

What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

A simple english Wikipedia

Regex explainer

Stack Overflow...
Asking tips:

Other tips:

  • Unless you have extensive experience with a site, don't recommend it, or at least clearly indicate that you're not sure
  • Be kind
  • Format properly
  • Don't down-vote minor issues like minor syntax errors. When downvoting answers, preferably comment and don't leave straight away - give some time for it to be fixed
  • Don't robo-approve in review
  • Comment formatting - very useful
  • Please down- and closevote where appropriate, and do so quickly - it may be a little harsh, but it's necessary to becoming a great community

Area 51:

Area51 is for new site proposals. Check out my profile for proposals I'm interested in (AI, algorithms and random stuff).

CodeGolf suggestion to officially extend their scope.

Random Meta posts.

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