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Cache strategies, what reference article could I study?

So as to optimize an application, I must implement data caching: not to recompute some data - those heavy on cpu but that don't change often.

When playing with the idea, I imagined something like the way win32/MFC manages the windows screen i.e.:

  • While a part is valid, it is not repainted.
  • When a rectangle or a region is invalidated, this part is repainted during the next painting session - launched by the OS.

I was imagining a way to validate and invalidate my cached value, so as to recompute only what is necessary when it is necessary.

Then I read this wikipedia page about Cache Algorithms, and none of the listed algorithm was using the technique I explained above. So I feel ill at ease, and I need to read some work about caching.

Do you know of some resources that I could rely on before I start implementing my own cache process ?