I have a problem in which I need to solve the realization for a directed graph when I am given the in and out degrees for n number of vertices. A hint was to use network flows. I know that the Kleitman Wang algorithm will help me solve this problem.

However, I am having difficult understanding the Kleitman Wang algorithm. The Wikipedia entry is rather short and doesn't explain what is happening.

I do understand that first, the pairs need to be sorted to be in non-increaising order. However, I do not understand what the definition of $S'$ means, particularly when it says a pair becomes $(a_{b_i-1}-1$,$b_{b_i-1})$

I also do not understand what this algorithm is doing from a theoretical standpoint, especially not in terms of network flows.

If someone could provide insight into understanding the definition of $S'$, and explain how this works in plain english, it would be much appreciated

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