I implemented the classical non-weighted converged version of HITS algorithm. I create a root set and a base set from the root set and then I applied the HITS algorithm and got the authorities and hubs scores. Then what? I am not sure what to do with this information while I rank the pages. I got a few thoughts but nothing certain. So my question is how can I use these hubs and authority values to rank the pages. I know that there may be hundreds of ways to do it but what I mean is there a general, well-known way to do that? I searched a lot but could not find it yet. Regards,

  • What makes you suspect that the information this algorithm provides are of use? In (abstract) computer sience terms, what is the problem of "web search" for you? (Engineering real systems is mostly offtopic here.) – Raphael Dec 3 at 16:55
  • @Raphael Question was not clear enough, let me rewrite it. Is there a way (or a known algorithm) which uses the output of HITS algorithm (hubs and authorities scores) to rank the web pages according to their relevance with the search query? – JollyRoger Dec 3 at 17:08

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