For an algorithm I need to be able to iterate over all bit strings where $k$ bits are flipped given a bit string with length $n$ and $n \geq k$. For instance let's say I have the bit string $1001$ and I want to have all bit strings with $2$ bits flipped. That should result in the following bit strings:


So given a bit string of length $n$ and where $k$ bits will be flipped the result will be $\binom{n}{k}$ bit strings. Is there an efficient way to generate all of them? The bit strings I have as input are just unsigned integers so I can use bit twiddling!


Let your initial bit string be x.

For all numbers b with k bits set (i.e. where k bits are 1), output x xor b.

Finding all numbers with k bits set is described elsewhere, for example here

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