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Which combination of the following features will suffice to characterize an OS as a multi-programmed OS?

a. More than one program may be loaded into main memory at the same time for execution

b. If a program waits for certain events such as I/O, another program is immediately scheduled for execution

c. If the execution of a program terminates, another program is immediately scheduled for execution

According to me, the answer should be (a) only, as this is the basic definition of multiprogramming(at least as per my understanding). I am skeptical about Options (b) and (c) because they use the term immediately.

But my book says that the answer should be (b) and (a).

Am I correct? If not, please tell me where am I committing the mistake. Also, if my understanding of multiprogramming incomplete, it would be really helpful if a proper definition regarding the same is provided(or at least a good source is mentioned).

Thanks in advance!


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