I'm studying AVL Trees in my programming class and we got this exercise dealing with right, left, left-right and right-left rotations as a way to check if we understand the theoretical concept of AVL Trees. We're given the numbers $100,50,25,10,37,32,200$. Creating an AVL Tree until $37$ wasn't that difficult but then I got stuck at balancing out the tree when I insert $32$. The following is my method:

enter image description here

Now I know that there is a conflict at $52$ but since it has 3 nodes (LRL), I don't understand how I should rotate. I think, I should get $37$ as the root node $25$ as it's left child and $52$ as it's right child but I dunno.


I think, I should get 37 as the root node 25 as it's left child and 52 as it's right child but I dunno.

You plan is correct.

What you need to do is a left-right rotation as shown in the third column of the table below. That is, a left rotation at node 25 followed by a right rotation at 52. It is symmetric to the right-left rotation as shown in the fourth column and as explained in Wikipedia.

tree rebalancing picture at wikimedia


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