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Hey was wondering if I'm applying the pumping lemma correctly for this proof or if this proof could be improved?

Suppose $L = \{www:w\in\{0,1\}^*\}$ is a regular language. Let $p$ be the number from the Pumping Lemma. Consider $s = 0^p10^p10^p1$, since $s \in L$ the conditions of the pumping lemma must hold for $s = xyz$. Now let $x= 0^p$, $y = 1$, and $z = 0^p10^p1$. Then since $|xy|\le p$ and if we let $i = 2$ then $s’=0^p110^p10^p1$. But clearly $s’ \notin L$ which is a contradiction to the Pumping Lemma so $L$ is not regular.


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