Given a carpet of size a * b [length * breadth] and a box of size c * d, one has to fit the carpet in the box in the minimum number of moves. A move is to fold the carpet in half, either by length or breadth.

One can even turn the carpet by 90 degrees any number of times, won’t be counted as a move.

Example: Box = 6 * 10 Carpet = 8 * 12

Output: No of moves = 1

Fold the carpet by breadth, 12/2 so now carpet is 6*8 and can fit fine.

My approach is to divide a larger side and see if it fits in to the box.and keep doing it.Is my approach valid?

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I am afraid your approach does not work.

Here is a counterexample. Box = 3 * 10 while Carpet = 4 * 8. One move is enough as you can fold the carpet by its width, reaching 2 * 8. If you fold the carpet by its length, 4 * 4 cannot fit into 3 * 10.

Here is the answer.

$\min(\lceil\log_2\frac{a}{c}\rceil+\lceil\log_2\frac{b}{d}\rceil,\ \lceil\log_2\frac{b}{c}\rceil+\lceil\log_2\frac{a}{d}\rceil)$

By the way, "length" refers usually to the longer side of a rectangle while "width" the shorter side.

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    $\begingroup$ So we don't have to rotate carpet every time we halve the length. Just doing it on the first time is enough. $\endgroup$ Feb 22 '19 at 8:24

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