I am trying to solve problem of generation of so called activity-on-edge (activity-on-arc) network graph given based on given activity-on-node network graph.

So, I found this paper proposing an algorithm solving the problem, but I don't really understand the example given on pages 5-6, namely the partition of the graph into complete bipartite subgraph presented on page 6. Also I don't see difference between figures 11b and 11c - it looks that they must differ.

Could anyone explain how authors came to the solution and is it correct?

Paper citation: Mouhoub, Nasser & Benhocine, Abdelhamid. (2012). An efficient algorithm for generating AoA networks. International Journal of Computer Science Issues. 9.

Direct link to pdf: link.

  • $\begingroup$ Can you edit the question to give a full citation to the paper (title, authors, where published), so others with a similar question can find this page via search? Also usually it is best to ask only one question per post. $\endgroup$ – D.W. Mar 9 '19 at 20:41
  • $\begingroup$ I'm rather suspicious about this paper. The concepts and the algorithm are not explained clearly at all. It really needs to be formalized appropriately - I couldn't understand it either. $\endgroup$ – Manuel Lafond Mar 10 '19 at 1:24

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