We are given a tree of N nodes from 1 to N where node 1 is the root of the tree. For each node i from 1 to N, you have to find the numbers of nodes which are in the subtree of i and are at distance equal to height of subtree of i.

Distance between a & b = total number of edges in path from a to b,height of subtree = maximum distance of the root of the subtree to any node in the subtree.

I have tried to create an algorithm using dfs using adjancey list of arraylist in java but got nowhere.

example input and output: input:

first line:
4--> no of nodes---
next each line represents connection of nodes
(1 2),
(2 3),
(2 4)


-->space separated output for each node as a root.
2 2 1 1
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    $\begingroup$ You say you "have tried to create an algorithm". What were your ideas thus far? Where did you get stuck? Could you expound a little more on how you used DFS? $\endgroup$ – dkaeae Apr 8 '19 at 8:53

First of all, you can notice that the nodes you are looking for are necessarly leaves of the tree (or sub-tree). What you are looking for, in each sub-tree, are the leaves that are at the largest distance from the root.

Let's call:

  • $L_k$, the list of the furthest leaves in the sub-tree rooting at node $k$ (the answer to your problem).
  • $h_k$, the distance from node $k$ to the furthest leaves of the sub-tree rooting at node $k$ (what you call height).

For all leaves, you have:

  • $h_k$ = 0
  • $L_k$ = [k]

For all other node, you have:

  • $h_k$ = $max_i (f_i) + 1$ for each $i$ child of $k$
  • $L_k$ = $sum_i (L_i)$ for each $i$ child of $k$ if $h_k$ == $h_i$+1

NB: by $sum$, I mean the concatenation of all the lists verificating the condition.

Globally, you can do a DFS, and once you explored all the subsequent paths from a node $k$, you are able to compute $h_k$ and $L_k$.

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