Learning some exam questions, got stuck on this one, hope someone can help me out.

Assume that we have simple file system without a journal where we write directly to bitmaps, inodes and data data blocks. Assume that we shall write to a file and that an additional data block is needed. When we perform the operations on disc, we only succeed in updating the inode but not the bit maps nor the selected data block before we crash.

My answer to the consequence of this case would be that inode will have pointer to data block with garbage content and data block will be marked as free in the bitmaps.

I'm wondering what could happen to data in the new file or in case that is a folder? The correct answer is here, but i barely understand what it means:

This new file will then write its data to the block that can then be over written when we write to the first file. If the data block is used to represent a directory, this could of course result in total chaos.


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