I have a dataset as follows

last_name  first_name  age   Description     Hobby
Smith       John       20    In high school  Music
Johnson     Robert     45  Software Developer Gardening
Williams    David      15     Junior school  Baseball
Davis       Michael    65     Traveler       Skydiving  
Miller      Molly      25     Scientist      Cycling 

Now I got a question from a assignment that Aggregate text data under “Description” and “Hobby”

I cannot understand what is the meaning of Aggregate text data?

If any one understand the question please share their view point. I want to know it theoretically how could any one aggregate text data depend upon description and Hobby column.

This is a coding assignment of python. But currently I don't bother about coding. I want to know the theoretical meaning of this question and want to solve it manually.

Thank you in advance


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My assumption is that they want you to normalize the text data in those columns. In other words, you may create a collection of the text, and the two columns would refer back to that collection. Does that make sense?

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Create two lists,

descriptions = [ ],hobbies = [ ]

Iterate through the rows of data and append the description and hobby for each row to the appropriate lists.

Aggregated data is now stored in the descriptions and hobbies lists


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