Disparity essentially means the distance of a corresponding pixel in another image ( in pixels). This is clear and understood. When I looked after how the depth is related to disparity, then I found the formula

Base * Focal / disparity = Depth

This equation looks interesting, For example, Base is 50 mm, and Focal is 2 mm then

    (50*2)/2 = 50 ( for dispary 2)
    (50/2)/3 =  33.3 ( for disparity 3)

My question now is, just one-pixel change ( from 2nd pixel to 3rd pixel), the difference in the depth is (50 - 33.3). I am aware there is something subpixel concept, but even then how this subpixel is still going to fulfill the gap ( 50 - 33.3 ) by means of "one single" pixel?

Any help is really appreciated.


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