i have a problem understanding some vital points in adaptive tree walking protocol:

for simplicity sake, only two stations want to broadcast in the given network: A and C.

what is the maximal number of time slots until and including a successful transmission occurs?

what i think: in bit slots, first both stations want to broadcast, so there's a collision at 1. same occurs when traversing to 2. now we traverse to 2, and A is transmitted, afterwards C is transmitted.

if the probability of a successful transmission is p, then let's mark that a successful broadcast in station A occurs at probability p and a successful broadcast in station C occurs at probability 1-p. if they both want to transmit all the time and there are constant collisions, then the aforementioned traversal will occur and 5 bit slots will be used. but i don't understand how can i use it to calculate the maximal amount of time slots until a successful transmission.

would really appreciate your assistance with it


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