Could someone help me with these 2 questions?

I do not understand the case 3

  1. $T(n) = T(n/2) + n \log n$

  2. $T(n)=T(n/8)+2 n$


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Let me show you how to solve these without using the master theorem. For the first item:

$$ T(n) = n\log n + \frac{n}{2} \log \frac{n}{2} + \frac{n}{4} \log \frac{n}{4} + \cdots \leq \left(n + \frac{n}{2} + \frac{n}{4} + \cdots\right) \log n \leq 2n\log n. $$ This shows that $T(n) = O(n\log n)$. Since clearly $T(n) = \Omega(n\log n)$, we can conclude that $T(n) = \Theta(n \log n)$.

The second item can be solved in the same way.


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