Trying to understand how to write proof of correctness. Searched over the internet on how to write proof of correctness but can't find a good solution for it.

The following sorting algorithm is proposed using the AVL tree: AVL input of all elements, and printing them in order.

Algorithm - Sort AVL (A[1..n])

T -> Empty AVL Tree.

  • for each 1 <= i <= n

    insert A[i] to T.

    print T elements by using in-order fashion.

Prove the correctness of the algorithm by showing the in-order scan of binary tree is always in ascending order.

  • $\begingroup$ There's nothing special about AVL trees here. The same result would hold for any binary search tree. $\endgroup$ – Yuval Filmus May 21 at 14:49

AVL trees, like all other binary search trees, have the following guarantee:

Suppose that $v$ is a node with left child $l$ and right child $r$. If $x$ is a node in the subtree rooted at $l$ and $y$ is a node in the subtree rooted at $r$ then $key(x) \leq key(v) \leq key(y)$.

Using this, you can easily prove by induction that the inorder traversal of a binary search three produces a list of keys in nondecreasing order.


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