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According the frame format of Ethernet

Minimum Frame Size should be :

7Bytes + 1Bytes + 6Bytes + 6Bytes + 2Bytes + 46Bytes +4Bytes = 72Bytes

Maximum Frame Size should be :

 7Bytes + 1Bytes + 6Bytes+ 6Bytes + 2Bytes + 1500Bytes + 4Bytes = 1526Bytes

But it is said that the minimum frame size is $64Bytes$ while the maximum frame size is $1518 Bytes$.

How the frame sizes are calculated ?


The preamble and SFD do not count towards the frame size since they are only part of the Ethernet packet (i.e., layer 1), not of the Ethernet frame (i.e., layer 2); see here, for instance. Recall that Ethernet is not a pure layer 2 protocol but actually a mix of layers 1 and 2.

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