I have multiple RSS provider URLs. Each RSS provider posts articles from time to time. Each article has a published date. Some RSS providers post more often than others. I have to go through the list of RSS URLs and download content from each of them. Downloading the content can take a long time sometimes. Therefore I would like to prioritize the downloading of content from the RSS providers based on which provider posts articles more often.

We can assume that in the first pass we would not do any prioritizing of downloading from certain providers first. Also it would not be possible to determine how often a publisher posts articles till we download the content first. so just assign priorities and in the following passes use the priority values to prioritize downloading.

Does anyone have an algorithm that could handle this situation? or code in Java?

  • $\begingroup$ Java code is off-topic here, what prevents you from sorting feeds by frequency and use it? $\endgroup$ – Evil Jul 30 '19 at 15:30

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