Each layout consists of 1000 turbines or more and is ranked based on power produced.
The way my algorithm works is:-

>>Initial parents created(2 layouts)
>>Crossover and Mutation of Initial Parents and population is created
>>Calculation of power produced by each layout
>>Sorting of layouts using power values
>>Top 2 layouts producing max power selected for next generation
>>The steps are repeated till termination criteria is reached

each time I run the algorithm, I get a different configuration of layout. Can anyone help me out in reducing the ambiguity in the output?

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    $\begingroup$ Genetic algorithms produce a (hopefully not to bad) solution to a problem that satisfies certain constraints. It does so by randomly modifying a population of potential solutions and selecting the best. Unless by pure chance there is one best solution, and furthermore your algorithm hits it every single time, you'll get different output each time. $\endgroup$ – vonbrand Aug 7 at 14:52