I am trying to find a programmatic solution to the following problem:

  • There are 6 teachers for this room
  • Each teacher must work for 8 hours a day
  • Each teacher must have a 30 minute lunch break ideally near the middle of his shift
  • The following table shows the minimum number of teacher needed in the room at certain times:
    • 7am - 8am = 1 teacher
    • 8am - 9am = 2 teacher
    • 10am - 11am = 5 teacher
    • 11am - 5pm = 6 teacher
    • 5pm - 6pm = 2 teacher

What is a good way to solve this (ideally in python and Google OR-Tools) ?

Thank you

PS sorry if this sounds a bit simplistic but I am new to constraint programming and am still exploring it

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