This is what I got for the in-order of the bst but it's wrong because I'm answering some questions about some successors of some of the letters and I got them wrong. so I'm wondering where in this in-order i've gone wrong? enter image description here

d, b, m, h, i, e, a, j, k, f, g, c

(Sorry if these questions aren't allowed here, please let me know where I can ask it if not!)


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Remember that an in-order traversal lists the elements from left-to-right, descending the tree: Left, Root, and Right. This means that starting from the root (a), we will traverse the whole left branch, then print a, and finally traverse the right branch.

You started off correct; however, your mistake was that you put m beforee h. It is an easy mistake to make so you have to be careful. The m node is the right node of h so the traversal for that subtree will be h, m. The same goes for i and e in your traveral---they should be flipped.

The correct answer for this in-order traversal is d b h m e i a j f k c g.


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