There is this talk http://andrewcropper.com/pubs/jelia19-typed.pdf about higher order Prolog, about use of higher-order predicates (that takes other predicates as arguments) and compositionality of predicates. All that is about Prolog and backward chaining inference.

My question is: do business rules (Drools, ILOG), production rules and Rete algorithm support higher order business rules. Simple business rule is:

if x=5, then y=6 

Higher order business rule may be (as I understand, please, correct me, if I am wrong)

if rule P fired then rule R comes into force

This seems to be quite applied question (more appropriate for stackoverflow), but I am asking this about the possibility of higher order expressivity for production rules and about possibility of Rete algorithm for handling such extensions? Maybe other algorithm is necessary?

I also remember that there was extensive PhdThesis about formal semantics (especially about Hoare logic) for IBM ILOG JRules - that would be great reference here - but I can not find to add it here. If I could gind, I would have added it here to show that business rules/production rules are quite interesting from the computer science (not only programming) point of view as well. And that there are challening issues.


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