I have been trying to create a CFG for the set $\{w=a^iba^j \mid i \neq j\}$.

To my understanding, there are essentially 2 scenarios, one where there are more $a$s on the left side of $b$, and one where there are more $a$s on the right side of $b$. So far I have come up with: \begin{align} S &= TbR \mid RbT \\ T &= aT \mid \varepsilon \\ R &= TaT \end{align} My intention is the have $R$ to always have more $a$s than $T$, however I don't think this is correct as $T$ can be greater than $R$ in this definition, as $R$ could take be just $a$ while $T$ is $aa$.

I need a bit of help defining 2 variables $T$ and $R$, where $R$ always has more $a$s than $T$.


Equal numbers of a’s on either side, then the middle is replaced by a+b or by ba+.

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for your help! If anyone anyone was wondering for the final solution, I ended up with: S=Tb|bT|aSa, T=aT|a $\endgroup$ – DoubleRainbowZ Oct 12 '19 at 12:38

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