The Question of the CLRS $6.1-7$ exercise reads as:

Show that, with the array representation for sorting an n-element heap, the leaves are the nodes indexed by $\lfloor n / 2 \rfloor + 1, \lfloor n / 2 \rfloor + 2, \ldots, n⌊n/2⌋+1,⌊n/2⌋+2,…,n$.

I looked for the solution here: https://walkccc.github.io/CLRS/Chap06/6.1/

The solution was provided like this:

Let's take the left child of the node indexed by $\lfloor n / 2 \rfloor + 1.$

\begin{aligned} \text{LEFT}(\lfloor n / 2 \rfloor + 1) & = 2(\lfloor n / 2 \rfloor + 1) \\ & > 2(n / 2 - 1) + 2 \\ & = n - 2 + 2 \\ & = n. \end{aligned}

I can't understand this statement: $LEFT(⌊𝑛/2⌋+1) > 2(𝑛/2−1)+2$

Please help me out. Thank you.


So, basically in heap representation, $LEFT(i)$ refers to the index of $i's$ left child. What we want to show is that index $⌊𝑛/2⌋+1$ is a leaf and is not a middleware node which can be proved if we could show the index of the left child is larger than the number of elements in the heap.

On the other hand, $LEFT(⌊𝑛/2⌋+1) = 2(⌊𝑛/2⌋+1) = 2⌊𝑛/2⌋+2 $ and with removing those brackets around the $n/2$ we can show that it is larger than $2(n/2-1)+2 = n$.

  • $\begingroup$ How is equality replaced with the greater than equality I cant get that. $\endgroup$ – Sachin Bahukhandi Oct 17 at 4:35
  • $\begingroup$ Because we know that for all $n$ we have $n-1 < ⌊𝑛⌋ \leq n$. So $n/2-1 < ⌊𝑛/2⌋ \leq n/2$ and $2(𝑛/2−1)+2 < 2⌊𝑛/2⌋+2$. $\endgroup$ – aminrd Oct 17 at 4:46
  • $\begingroup$ How is the inequality replaced with equality? $\endgroup$ – Sachin Bahukhandi Nov 26 at 5:46

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