I am trying to understand the intersection of 2 DFA's. I got the following link: Intersection of 2 DFAs I can't understand why they have not used the symbol 'b'. In the DFA's they have symbol 'b' also but they are just talking about symbol 'a'.

For M', we have...

1.E' = {a}

2.Q' = {s0, s1}

3.q0' = s0

4.A' = {s0}

5.f'(s0, a) = s1, f'(s1, a) = s0

For example in line (1) they have just symbol 'a'. However, the DFA uses both 'a' and 'b'.


For M'', we have...

1.E'' = {a}

2.Q'' = {t0, t1, t2}

3.q0'' = t0

4.A'' = {t0}

5.f''(t0, a) = t1, f''(t1, a) = t2, f''(t2, a) = t0

there is no 'b' transition. Does it mean that we would consider them one by one. For example, we can write (5) above for 'b' also like:

f''(t0,a) =..

Also I want to know if the states in Machine 1 is not equal to states in Machine2 , what will we do?

Some body please guide me.



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