int L=A.length-1;
int index=(L-1)/2;

int k=2*index+1;
            if(A[k]<A[k+1]) k=k+1;}
            int t=A[index];
        }else break;
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I think your code tries to do heap sorting. Im saying "tries" because youre missing some code.

If you want to know the complexity of the entire algorithm then here it is: Best case: n* log(n) Worst case: nlog(n) Average: nlog(n)

Where log(n) is the logarithm of n in base 2.

But if youre interested in only the complexity of YOUR while, then it is: Best case: log(n) Worst case: log(n) Average: log(n)

If you want to read more about heaps, try some youtube videos, the wikipedia link, or this link : https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/time-complexity-of-building-a-heap/

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