I'd like to know which is the difference between a task and a process in computer science. I'm studying a course on real-time systems and there are some definitions that I don't know.

Thank you in advance.

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to CS@SE. Note that different definitions of the same term may be valid. Nobody seems to know what tag definitions is about, and I think this question is not about learning computer science disciplines and CS education, but how specific notions have to be understood: terminology. $\endgroup$ – greybeard Dec 17 '19 at 16:56
  • $\begingroup$ Hi @greybeard have I put only the tag terminology? $\endgroup$ – Gennaro Arguzzi Dec 17 '19 at 19:56
  • $\begingroup$ (That would have been my choice. Because I'm not sure, I purposely did neither indicate I reviewed your question (so the attention of further reviewers of posts by new contributors be drawn to it), nor suggest this as an edit.) $\endgroup$ – greybeard Dec 17 '19 at 21:16

The difference appears to be that "process" is a well-defined term with a specific meaning that is universally understood, whereas "task" is ambiguous and means different things to different people.

The following Stack Overflow questions on the same topic support this:

Microsoft Windows certainly conflates the two terms—the Task Manager is used to administer processes.

  • $\begingroup$ Hello @AaronRotenberg, thank you very much for your explanation. $\endgroup$ – Gennaro Arguzzi Dec 17 '19 at 19:55

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