i was wondering, will count to infinity can occur in the following cases? if so, will it necessarily occur or can the routing tables stabilize themselves?

enter image description here


  1. From A to B - 3
  2. from B to C - 4
  3. from C to A - 2


1)if line AB fell, can a count to infinity problem occur? will it necessarily occur or the routing tables can stabilize themselves?

2)AB and AC were disconnected on the same time, and we know the stations are not synchronized(the distance vectors are sent from each station in a different time, each according to its inner clock that is not synchronized with other stations clock).

my attempt:

1)if line AB was disconnected, A knows it can no longer reach B, so it removes it from the table. now if it receives an update from C saying it can get to B with a cost of 4, than A knows it can get to C with a cost of 2, so totally 6. now, there might occur a ping pong between A and C while trying to reach B, A updating it can get by 6, then adding 2 each time (from A to C). if like in the second case, the stations are not synchronized, then it will not necessarily happen, because if the distance vector update after the routing tables stabilizied(assuming it can), then the count to infinity situation might not occur. however, i am not sure how to write the routing tables in this case and would appreciate help.

2)complicated, but i think that in this case, it might happen too, but not necessarily, as if AB and AC disconnected at the same time, if they are not synchronized, meaning if we wait enough time, the routing tables should be fixed. the reason it can happen(i am not sure, but again i think it can, but not necessarily happen): since AB and AC disconnected at the same time, B knows line AB is down so it removes it from the tables. now B tries to reach A via C, and C tries to calculate the distance using B to reach A (since they are not synchronized the distance vectors can be sent in different times from different stations using its own inner clock that is not synchronized with other stations)

I am pretty sure i did a mistake and would very much appreciate your assistance in understanding it better.

thank you very much for helping me


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