I have to prepare for a midterm and I am looking for a resource where I can practise the three basic sorting algorithms insertion sort, bubble sort and selection sort a little.

Last year they had to sort an array with n elements and the elements were integers with values between 0 and m-1 and the complexity had to be of O(n+m).

I did not find any good resources as most of them deal with more advanced topics and prepare you for interviews.

So I would be glad if someone could give me a good hint.

  • $\begingroup$ Are you aware that counting sort should have been used last year? $\endgroup$ – John L. Feb 21 '20 at 1:16
  • $\begingroup$ no...we had to come up with the counting sort algorithm by our own. $\endgroup$ – Moe7777 Feb 29 '20 at 16:33

What do you mean by "practice sorting"? Sets of data to sort by hand? Just whip something up with a random number generator. Examples showing how the methods work? At least Wikipedia has detailed algorithms with pretty animations, or search for "algorithm animation", it is quite popular.

  • $\begingroup$ i mean by that sorting practise problems where you have to implement one of the above mentioned sorting algorithms in an exam-like way. $\endgroup$ – Moe7777 Feb 21 '20 at 8:32

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