We want to pre-process a set $S$ of $n$ line segments into a data structure, such that we can answer some queries: Given a query line $l$, report how many line segments in $S$ does it intersect.

It is required that the query should be done in $O(\log{n})$ time. The data structure itself should take up to $O(n^{2})$ storage and be built in $O(n^{2}\log{n})$ time. It is suggested that it should be done in dual plane.

I understand that the question may require me to look for the number of double wedge that the a query point is in, but I can't think of any efficient data structure to report such information. Any suggestions?

This question is basically a homework question from the textbook Computational Geometry by de Berg et al (Question 8.15). I would like to apologize that this question may not be exciting to you.

Edit: Yes it is in $\mathbb{R}^{2}$. By query point I mean the query line dualised into a point on dual plane.


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