I am a CS undergrad and a huge enthusiast of pure math. I have been doing competitive programming and proofs for a while. My ambition is to become an academic in theoretical computer science. The problem I face, like any math enthusiast, is that academia pathway jobs are not reliable in terms of funding. So, I thought of getting an alternative job besides my academic career.

First, I have been looking for jobs in which I could utilize my mathematical curiosity. Second, As I am an Undergrad, I need a pathway whose beginning is accessible for me to gain money. Third, I live in the Middle-East. So R&D departments or technical consultancy firms in my region are not promising. So, I thought of working online.

After a little-bit of research, I guessed cryptocurrency mining is my best investment. It could be done online, requires mathematical skills, and funded.

I am well aware that my job request is nearly in-achievable to find. I am not asking to suggest me a magic solution that would give me everything. I am just seeking advice and consulting my community.

You could for instance advice me, (1) What academics do to gain more additional money, (2) What accessible career pathways I could gain money from, whose future is promising for a math enthusiast?, (3) What are the best opportunities to achieve something of a value in my CV, Even if it is not payed?

However, Feel free to give me any advice you believe is helpful.


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    – Juho
    Apr 17 '20 at 13:57