I need to cover these topics in Role Mining. If anyone knows good site which well summarizes the topics and concepts are well explained please help out.

Basic role mining problem
• Delta-approx RMP
• Min-noise RMP
• Nature of the RMP problems
• Mapping RMP to database tiling problem
• Minimum tiling problem
• Mapping min-noise RMP to database tiling problem
• Mapping RMP to minimum biclique cover problem


The paper The Role Mining Problem: Finding a Minimal Descriptive Set of Roles by Jaideep Vaidya, Vijayalakshmi Atluri and Qi Guo covers the basic definitions and some variants and includes a mapping to the minimum tiling problem. This is explored in more detail in the third author's PhD thesis (found by Googling "A formal approach to the role mining problem.)

An alternative formal definition of the Role Mining problem is found in the paper On the Definition of Role Mining by Mario Frank, Joachim M. Buhmann, and David Basin. This is another good starting point; it also contains references to much of the earlier work.

These tutorial slides cover many of the topics you mention. They also contain a load of references for you to follow up. The author of these slides has a small page describing the basics of role mining.

Optimal Boolean Matrix Decomposition: Application to Role Engineering by Haibing Lu, Jaideep Vaidya and Vijayalakshmi Atluri covers basic RMP along with min-noise RMP, $\delta$-approximate RMP and edge-RMP using boolean matrix decomposition as the basic formalism.


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