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Im trying to make an invariant for this Z schema about routes.

1) The invariant should express that each route should contain at least 20 different places. First of all i thought of doing a universal quantification such as:

∀x : ran routes • ( #x>20 ∧ x ≠ x')

However i'm really not sure if thats correct that implying 20 different places.


If you say

$\forall x, x': ran\ routes . x<>x'$

You're only saying that the sequences are different. For example

$<London, Berlin, Paris>$ would be different to $<London, Paris, Berlin>$

Instead, you need two quantifiers

$\forall x: ran\ routes . \#x>20$


$\forall p,p': Place • p \in ran\ (ran\ routes) \land p' \in ran\ (ran\ routes) \implies p<>p'$

One for the length as you had and one for the condition that all elements must be unique. Note the double $ran$ expression since a sequence is defined as a function between its indexes and its values (the range).


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