Consider a system running ten I/O-bound tasks and one CPU-bound task. Assume that the I/O-bound tasks issue an I/O operation one for every millisecond of CPU computing and that each I/O operation takes 10 milliseconds to complete. Also, assume that the context switching overhead is 0.1 millisecond and that all processes are long-running tasks. What is the CPU utilization for a Round-Robin scheduler when: (a) The time quantum is 1 msec. (b) The time quantum is 10 msec.

Here can we calculate like this: for a) CPU time/ cycle time = 1/1+0.1 = 1/1.1 = 91 %

For b) 1+ 10/1+0.1+10+0.1= 11/11.2= 98 %

Is my understanding correct for calculating CPU utilization? Please confirm


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