Say I have $n$ threads executing in a parallel region and one of them leaves the parallel region when others are still continuing to execute in the parallel region. Why this is a $BAD$ idea? For example you can consider this program.


10 sum(id)=next(id)

30 result(id)=sum(id)*9.8
   if(converged(result(id)) goto 20
   go to 10

   if(not_FINISHED) goto 30

20 print *,id

In this code we are branching out of the parallel region. I have read that its a $BAD$ idea to do so, but I have not got the reason. So it will be very helpful if someone can shed some light on this.

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OS functions are called to create and join a thread.

The main thread waits for all created thread to return (join). When a thread jump out in middle, the main thread will wait infinitely. In the example you have given one of the spawned thread jumps to a location in main thread. It will proceed and the program will eventually end. Any thread can exit/close the program. It may be the case that other spawned threads are in different stages of their execution and since parent (main) thread has exited, they will terminate inflight as well.

A lot of resources allocated to the abruptly terminated threads by OS, will waste. A properly terminated thread releases all the resources allocated to it properly, improperly terminated threads won't.


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