I'm discovering parallel programming and I found a lot of slides online from various lectures explaining different kind of communications like these links:

http://web.cse.msstate.edu/~luke/Courses/fl14/CSE4163/Slides/DPA_Communication.pdf http://parallelcomp.uw.hu/ch04lev1sec5.html#:~:text=In%20all%2Dto%2Dall%20personalized,message%20to%20all%20other%20nodes. and few others.

They all use same illustrations and only include the algorithm for all-to-all personalized on hypercube but not for a unidirectional ring even though they included the all-to-all for rings.

Could someone please give an algorithm for all-to-all personalized on a ring and explain how would it be different from the normal all-to-all?

I thought of a simple algorithm with just 2 nested loops since they mentioned matrices in thoses pdf, but I feel there is a more efficient way to do it.

Thanks in advance


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