I have a graph that looks like this enter image description here

The highlights nodes must be visited, and the blue node must be visited last, the stickman must be the start of the path. The weights are the Euclidean distance between each of the nodes.

I want to use A* search for each individual node, then A* search to find the path to the next node, and the next, etc. until the blue node is reached.

What is the best way to work out which order I should visit each node in?

If you notice, the closest pink node to the stick man is D, and so if i use euclidean distance to determine that the D node will be visited first, the stickman will actually go through B instead of C when using A* search to find the best path to D from the stickman, which is obviously the least optimal route. (the distance between B and D is 6.2)

f of C would be 7.35

f of B would be 7.2

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