I am new to such panel data where I have multiple observation for same ID in different Quarter and I am not sure what kind of machine learning algorithm I can apply.

I have data from Q1-18 till Q4-2020

I have 2,000,000 rows and 200,000 unique id and 20 columns

For each id I have only 6-8 past quarter values, max quarter for each id are 8 quarters and for some id I have only 6 quarters where few quarter value are not available for that id

Below is the basic idea of what my data set look like

Quarter - respective business quarter for that year

Target - is the sales volume in ratio

I am trying to Predict - Target column for 2021 Q1 quarter

I have 8-10 different numeric columns and state , quarter and ID as category columns

I would appreciate if someone could suggest me what kind of modelling could be performed

enter image description here


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