While exploring about the 2-core system. The voltage decreases linearly with the frequency. The voltage may not decrease below 75% below the original voltage.This voltage is referred to as the voltage floow and any voltage lower than that will lose the state. What % of parallelization gives you a voltage at the voltage floor?

I solved the question as :-

Vnew=0.75Vold that leads to fnew=0.75fold ; Since f is inversely proportional to the Texe, so we can say - Told=0.75Tnew. So speed up S= Told/Tnew which leads to 0.75 . Now applying Amdahl's law to find the parallelization by using the formula S=1/((1-F)+F/S). Here I have considered S as 2 as 2 core system,but I am getting the parallelization as negative. Could you please help here?


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