$$ L=\{a^ib^jc^k \;| \;i, j, k \in \mathbb{N} \; \text{and} \; i <k<j\} $$

I need to show that this language is not context-free with the help of the Pumping Lemma. My first intuition is, that there exist 5 different cases, i.e. the middle part, let's call it vwx, consists of

  1. only $a$'s
  2. only $b$'s
  3. only $c$'s
  4. $a$'s and $b$'s
  5. $b$'s and $c$'s

and I need to find a pumping constant, which excludes the new word from the above defined language. However, I am having a hard time how show that formally and precisely. Any hints are highly appreciated!


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Your case analysis seems right and can be used to prove non-contextfreeness.

Not you don't have to find a pumping constant. To the contrary, you have to show no such constant can exist. So, the general argument is usually like "if I assume $N$ is the pumping constant, I can use this word $x\in L$, longer than $N$, and whatever I try, we cannot pump it and stay in $L$."

Usually one choses a string that is "just" inside the language, in this case $a^Nb^{N+1}c^{N+2}$. Now check your cases. What if we pump $a$'s and or $b$'s, but no $c$'s etcetera.

One final hint, which seems necessary here. One cannot only "pump up", but also "pump down".


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