I am looking at a problem of cost optimisation by dynamic staff allocation.This could be for any public space like Airport/Railway Station etc. where the maintenance work is outsourced to other specialised agencies.

Lets assume there are 2 kinds of spaces which come under the maintenance in Airport

  • Areas with continuous footfall like parking, common area etc
  • Areas where there are spikes in footfalls like Arrival/Departure area

Each of the area has a historical data of maintainence

Area Frequency # Of Staff Duration (mins)
Parking Every 6 hours 5 60
Common Area - P1 Every 4 hours 28 60
Common Area - P2 Every 12 hours 100 120
Arrival/Departure - Passenger After every arrival/departure 10 30
Arrival/Departure - Cargo After every arrival/departure 30 15

The problem is to arrive at the optimal number of people required for each working shift to cover different works. Each working shift is 8 hours.

Based on my current reading it seems to fall in to linear programming and some special case in that.

Suggestions on what kinds of algos fit to solve these problems would be very much helpful.


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