Consider, we are only allowed to use loops ($while$), addition ($+$), substraction ($-$) and checking if a value is $> 0$. How can one find out, if a certain variable $x$ equals a value $y$? E.g. how can I find out if $x=4$ by only using the aforementioned methods? For $x=0$ I came up with the following:

y = 1
while x > 0:
    y = y - 1
    x = x - 1
while y > 0:
   do something

This way, $something$ gets only executed if $x=0$. But I have no clue about values above $0$.


Start by calculating $x-y$. This is simple enough:

while y > 0:
    y -= 1
    x += 1

Now, compare what you got with $0$. That is, compare the value of $x$ after the loop to $0$, using the technique you thought of. This will guarantee that "$something$" is executed only if $x-y=0$, or equivalently if $x=y$.


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