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Minimize number of circles to cover set of points

In a 2D space, I have a set of points. I can deploy up to $k$ circles with radius $r$ to the space, and my goal is to maximize the number of points that will be put inside these circles. There are two cases: a) Either the circles cannot overlap b) Or they can.

I am completely stuck here. I appreciate your help.


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Here is a start (for the case where you allow overlap):

For every point $v$, start by drawing a circle with radius $r$ such that $v$ is at its center.

Now, observe the following nice property: Let $d$ be a point in space such that it is contained in $m$ of the drawn circles. Then, placing a circle with radius $r$ with its middle at $d$ would cover those $m$ points.

Hence, your algorithm should start by "drawing" the $n$ circles, and applying an algorithm to find all intersections between the drawn triangles and to get the number of intersections in them.


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