As part of a class assignment I am given this problem: Given a Weighted Flow Graph N(G(V,E),s,t,c) and a flow function f. F is the max flow in the network. If s and t are flipped (The graph is now N'(G(V,E),t,s,c) without changing the flow function f, what is the new max flow? What is the new flow from t to s.

Now my thoughts on this are that the flow would always be F=0. However I am not sure if this is correct and I am not sure how to explain this.

In all Weighted Flow Graphs that I have seen the flow going into (t) is either only going "into" (t), and in this case the Maximum from from t to s would be 0. Or there is a flow going "out of" (t) and then the flow isn't used.


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