I have to design a PDA that recognizes the language $\{a^nb^m \mid 0<n\leq m\leq3n\}$

I tried to partition the stack into 3 partitions with the first partition being the size of $n$ with character A, the second partition being the size of $2n$ with character B, and the third partition size of $n$ with character A.

I got stuck with this idea. Can anyone help me with this?


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Roughly speaking, the PDA consists of two phases.

During the first phase, the PDA reads $a$s. For each $a$ that it reads, it nondeterministically pushes either $A$, or $AA$, or $AAA$ to the stack.

During the second phase, the PDA reads $b$s, popping one $A$ per $b$ read. At the end, the stack needs to be empty.

Details left to you.


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